The App and book has been designed by a current commercial pilot to assist pilots enhance there orientation and knowledge of airport locations, runway directions and approach aids in an easy to remember unique map layout.

The book is available in either a small A5 staple bound book or larger A4 size book with a convenient coil binding and all containing full colour images using quality paper.

Currently two areas are available, Area 1 covers Europe, North African coast, Western Russia and the Middle East or Area 2 covering North America from Alaska to Panama and includes the Caribbean islands.

Each airport is displayed in an Airport Box. This box shows a graphical diagram of the runway layout and shows the airport name, ICAO and IATA codes,  ATIS, MSA, Airport elevation and runway distances. Also shown are the main apprach aids for each runway. Within each area you can visually see areas of high MFA (minimum flight altitude), magnetic variation, volmet frequencies, country names and country local time in relation to GMT/UTC.

The iPad and iPhone App has the same features and area coverage as the book and is updated at least once a year. The app includes interactive features. With two taps on the index map you will quickly find an area or airport that you are searching for. Then when online, tap within the airport boxes and link directly to either google map overview of the airport or find the airports current TAF or Metar. Also link directly to online aviation maps at the location of the airport you selected. Within that website you can view world wide high and low airway charts or VFR low level terrain charts. You are also able to overlay Satellite weather as well as upper air winds, North Atlantic tracks plus many more features. Please visit for all features and instructions.

Within each chart view you can download all TAF and Metars for that area. Significant weather charts, upper air charts and satellite views are also available to view when online.

When you order a book you will be redirected to a print on demand publisher called There you can place your order, they will then take payment, print the book and then deliver to your door. I advise that you should always use a tracked delivery method when ordering the book.

If you require the app, then you will be forwarded to an itunes link to open into itunes. You will then be able to download the app and required areas.

Click here to download the iPad or iPhone App

2019 Area 1 - European Continent,  £16.99

A5 size, 42 colour pages, staple bound book

2019 Area 2 - North American Continent, £17.99

50 colour pages, staple bound book